Talar Body Prosthesis Prototyping by Hot Forging Process

Full Scale Crash Test at ASAE-RC, KMUTNB Prachinburi campus

PEA and KMUTNB signed a contract for Consultancy and Development Project of Optimal Wireless Communication and Meter Reading Application for Electronic Meters

Lightweight Structural Composites for Engineering Applications

Automotive Part Production Process Design Using Robot and Plant Simulations

CO2 Utilization to Valuable Chemicals

Biorefinery in Sugar Industries

Improve Production Planning in MRP with Machine Learning

Improvement of Die Service Life in Hot Forging Process

Optimization of a Preform Part for Hot forging

Natural rubber for road materials

CFD simulation for Metal Process

Tool-life Improvement by Deep-Cryogenic Treatment

Microfluidics: Lab on a Chip

Urban Mobility, Vehicle Design

Study of Motorcyclist Kinematics and Injury for Improvement of Safety Test Protocol

Development and evaluation of safety performance of modern vehicles

Transport Robots for Manufacturing Process

Large and Reliable Hybrid Memory Architecture

System Design for GPU in Cloud Servers

Asset management for power system equipment

Bidirectional Electric Vehicle Charger using SiC

Smart Electricity Phase Identifier

NB-IoT Smart Meter

KNACKSAT Launched to the Orbit

Computer Program for Life Assessment of Gas Turbine Blades

Warehouse and Transportation Inventory Tracking