Welcome to TGGS international student office!

The TGGS international student office was specifically founded for helping international students navigate through complex and bureaucratic topics regarding visa applications for Thailand, enrollment in TGGS, housing near the campus, student lifestyle in Bangkok, etc.

We are the central hub for resources, support and advocacy for international students and scholars. Our experienced team is friendly, dedicated and easily approachable, and are guaranteed to always have your best interest at heart. We are happy to provide you with all the required information as well as answer any specific and individual requests.

For further information please contact:

Ms. Piyatida Rakangthong
TGGS International Student Officer


Dr. Ampol Likitchatchawankun
TGGS Assistant Dean for International Collaborations and Student Affairs

IMPORTANT - please read
  • All international students must obtain the student visa prior to your arrival in Thailand.
  • Students must have your graduation certification letter and the official transcript directly sent from your former university to TGGS.
  • Upon arrival, students must present your passport, visa and entry page to TGGS Academic Affairs.
  • Students should read the details of the above points and the remaining guideline listed in this page or from this document carefully!

Guidelines and General Information

Acceptance, Visa Information & Required Documents

  1. The selected candidates will get an acceptance letter from TGGS, and you can use it to apply for the Student Visa* at The Royal Thai Embassy. Please make sure that you have the student visa upon your arrival in Bangkok. Without the student visa, YOU CANNOT BE ENROLLED AS A TGGS STUDENT.
  2. Please inform TGGS Academic Affairs your arrival date/time to Bangkok, Thailand ASAP.
  3. We recommend you to apply for the health insurance that covers during your stay in Thailand. KMUTNB only provide an accidental insurance to students. Medical charges in Thailand may vary for foreigners.
  4. The letter of degree verification (English version) must be sent directly from the institution responsible for conducting the examinations or your former university’s registrar office to admissions-inter@tggs-bangkok.org

* Basic information for Student Visa — Information about Student Visa for KMUTNB International Student and How to get to KMUTNB is available here. In addition, based on our experience and feedback from TGGS students, to avoid additional paperwork and complicated procedure, we recommend you to apply for the visa in person at the Royal Thai Embassy in your (home) country instead of applying for a visa through a travel agency.

Arrival at TGGS & Visa Extension Information

  1. Report to TGGS: Please report to TGGS Academic Affairs on reporting day/registration day (TGGS will inform the date by email). You must show your passport and the visa and entry page to TGGS Academic Affairs Officer – Ms. Piyatida Rakangthong. We will make photocopies of these documents for our record.
  2. Visa Extension: TGGS Academic Affairs will provide the official letter for you to extend your visa. You are responsible to extend your visa at the Immigration Division** and the visa extension payment. Please notify TGGS Academic Affairs Officer — Ms. Piyatida Rakangthongtwomonth in advance prior the visa expiration date. The basic information for Visa Extension and required documents are available here.
  3. 90-day reporting online: You can do the 90-days report at the Thai Immigration Bureau either in person, registered mail or online here.
    For more information please visit:

** Immigration Division (สำนักงานตรวจคนเข้าเมือง 1 ศูนย์ราชการ แจ้งวัฒนะ) — GPS Coordinates: (13°43’06.0″N 100°32’25.4″E) Google Map
How to travel to TGGS?

You are responsible for your own transportation from your home country to Bangkok and then from the airport to KMUTNB campus. You can get to our university (King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok) by TAXI in the airport. The meter price is approximately 400 THB (including 110THB expressway and airport fee 50THB). It may take approximately 1-2 hours depending on the traffic).

For more information, please read more here.

Dress Code

The dress code is applied to all students at KMUTNB, including TGGS. You must wear long pants (jeans are acceptable), no shorts. Tank tops and T-shirt, Polo Shirt is not acceptable. No flip-flop. Misconducting in the dress code, you may not be allowed to enter the campus or buildings. Details will be announced in the student orientation.

Medical Care
  • On campus Medical Care: the University Health Service Department.
  • Off-campus Medical Care: nearby hospitals are as follows:
    • Yanhee International Hospital (International Hospital)
    • Bang Pho Hospital (Thai Hospital)
    • Kasemrad Hospital Prachachuen (Thai Hospital)
    • Eye Ear Nose Throat Hospital(Thai Hospital)
Estimated Personal Expense in Bangkok, Thailand
Accommodation approx. 5,000 – 15,000 THB/Month
Living Cost approx. 10,000 – 15,000 THB/Month
Health Insurance approx. 7,000 – 10,000 THB/Month
Supplemental cost (books, note, …) approx. 2,000 – 5,000 THB/Month
Class Schedule and Program Information

Regarding the class schedule, please contact your program coordinator for the confirmation. Program Coordinator list is available here.

Note that the course syllabus will be distributed on the first day of class along with the course description, the course outline (including tentative assignments, quizzes, examination dates), the grade distribution, and regulations. Students must attend every lecture hour scheduled in each course. Missing any lecture hour, students may not be eligible to take the examinations. The detail of each course regulations will be announced on the first day of class.

Read further details of Rules, Policies & Regulations

Download TGGS Student Handbook here


Off-Campus Housing
There are a variety of private accommodations surrounding the campus with reasonable price. Prices are ranging from the room with A/C for 5,000-7,000 THB/month, and the room without A/C for 3,500-5,000 THB, excluding electricity and water. Two or three months’ rental deposit is usually required.
Short-term Accommodation
Upon your arrival or when you require a short stay of 1-3 days in Bangkok, we recommend you to reserve a short-term accommodation such as a hostel, a boarding house or a hotel. You may start looking for a suitable accommodation from your home country in advance at the following websites: Agoda, Hostelworld, Thai Youth Hostels Association, or Hostelbookers


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