To experience the German’s industry-oriented engineering education model in Thailand

TGGS provides the industry-oriented engineering education based on the example of one of the best engineering university in Europe, RWTH Aachen Technical University in Germany. TGGS utilizes this model in Thailand by systematically links university professors (supervisors), their students and qualified industry engineering staffs (mentors) to gradually develop university-industry interaction. The Master level internships and the project-oriented thesis work play an important role in this scheme. Therefore this model offers the student a very good opportunity to have the insight into the industrial working environment by the mentors as well as having full support from the academic side by the supervisors.

On top of this, the experienced RWTH professors, whose most of them have at least ten years of industry background, are also usually involved in the teaching and guiding the students at TGGS. In many cases, they do help to communicate with the industry and to open industry doors with their background and professional standing.

To properly prepare yourself to the need of the industry

Engineering education at Thai universities is typically academic and theory-oriented. Only a minority of Thai professors in engineering have ever experienced engineering practice in the industry by more than a short visiting stay. However, when it comes to engineering studies, students will benefit much more while studying in an industry-oriented environment because the industry is where most engineers work after their studies. TGGS graduates are therefore of great interest to a wide range of industries, as they are not only well versed in fundamental principles but also have learnt to apply these principles to real industrial problems.

To be welcomed by the industry after your graduation

As a necessary side effect, master students participating in this process will have good opportunities to get a qualified engineering job after their graduation because they are well-trained in both theory and practical aspects. Students will have more confidence and have a clear picture of what they could do and achieve in the industry because they have already experienced and therefore they are well-prepared for the true nature of the industry. This includes the knowledge about the industrial processes, way of thinking, project planning and development.

To broaden the opportunity to study and to work abroad

Due to the close relationship between TGGS, KMUTNB and German universities, especially RWTH Aachen University, one of the best engineering university in Europe, outstanding students may have the opportunity to do their internships and theses in Germany. This is due to the fact that TGGS exercises the German’s industry-oriented engineering education model which is well-accepted worldwide. Therefore the graduates are ready to pursue their further study in leading international universities abroad, particularly those in Germany.