Asst. Prof. Dr. Malinee Sriariyanun

Lecturer and Researcher
TelephonePhone: +66 2555 2000 ext. 2927
Fax: +66 2555 2000 ext. 2917
Degrees• Ph.D. Biotechnology (Plant Pathology), University of California, Davis,
• B.Sc. Biology, Mahidol University, Thailand
Research Interest• Microbial metabolic engineering-metabolite production by modification
  of metabolic pathways
• Functional Genomics Analysis, especially integration of transcriptional
  profiling, proteomics, and metabolomics analysis
• Biofuel and petro-chemical derivative synthesis from lignocellulosic
  biomass using microbial model to produce biocatalyst
• Development of enzyme production process for industry application
  using microbe as a model
AddressCPE Lecturer Offices
10th Floor, TGGS Building

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