When CFD software is used to simulate real-world engineering fluid flows, engineers encounter not only complex geometries but also a prohibitively large number of meshes leading to expensive computational time. Wall functions have been invented in order to overcome the mesh & computational time problems. Analytical wall function (AWF) is an improved version of standard wall functions to account for a wider range of flow physics. Flow transition is one of the modeling challenges in CFD simulations. AWF for modeling near-wall flow transition is a new emerging technique to reduce the mesh number and shorten the computational time.

With honorable speakers
Professor Dr. Kazuhiko Suga from Osaka Prefecture University, Osaka, Japan
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ekachai Juntasaro from TGGS, KMUTNB
Dr. Kiattisak Ngiamsoongnirn from MTEC, Thailand

In this occasion, Prof. Dr. Kazuhiko visited Asst. Prof. Dr. Monpilai Narasingha, Dean of TGGS, for a small talk.