The 2nd EV CUP 2019

TGGS, KMUTNB has organized the EV CUP 2019 event with NSTDA with support from many orgainizations from educational and industrial sectors including EGAT, KMUTT, KU, NXPO, TSRI, EXEDY, STF. The 1st round of EV CUP 2019, i.e. concept proposal round, was hold at NSTDA on 30th November 2019 with the total participants of more than 150 students with more than 200 guests. The participant presented the EV concept for closed area with not more than 4 wheels to win the total prize of 290,000 Baht; 1st prize: 50,000 Baht, 2nd Prize:40,000 Baht and 3rd Prize: 20,000 Baht (10 teams).

Opening Speech by Associate Professor Dr.-Ing Nisai Fuengwarodsakul, TGGS Dean