Mechanical and Automotive Engineering (MAE) presents

Seminar on Mechanical Engineering Design Improvements for Industrial Applications

Seminar by MAE master student on their mini-project Topics Include

1. Aerodynamic Analysis of Ahmed Body at Varying Geometric Characteristics

 by  Haseeb Shafaqat

2. A Review on the Mechanism of Improving the Efficiency of Vibration Based Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting System

by Chukwudi Augustine Udeaja

3. Experimental study of effect of handlebar impact on thorax injury

by Chinnawut Ngiamngamsri

4. The Effects of Impact Speed and Impact Position on the ASEAN Anthropometric Pedestrians

by Bao Dinh Nguyen

5. Residual Stress Evaluation of Gas Turbine Thermal Barrier Coating System with High Entropy Alloys as Bond Coat

by Thanaput Sitayoung

6. The Influenced of cryogenic treatment and temper process on wear resistance of HSS by ball-on-disc

by Saifon Srisaart

7. The effect of constrain length in welded plate by finite element analysis

by Rinpapak Phayyharadechphong


Venue:  Aachen Conference Room, 3rd floor, TGGS Building, KMUTNB

Date:   22  November  2019

Time:  9 a.m. – 12 p.m.