Railway Engineering is a multidisciplinary application field that involves the latest technologies of the domains of mechanical, electrical and civil engineering and information technologies. To meet the complexity and international character of this industry, the new Railway Vehicles and Infrastructure Engineering (RVIE) program follows a unique concept.

RVIE is a collaboration of TGGS, Chulalongkorn University and RWTH Aachen University to combine the best know-how into the three-year program that includes one full year of studies in Germany.

RVIE offers the choice of two majors:

  • Railway Vehicles Engineering (RVE) – directed primarily at students with a background in Mechanical and Electrical Power Engineering
  • Railway Infrastructure Engineering (RIE) – directed primarily at students with a background in Civil Engineering
RVIE Research Area
  • Design for Reliability and Maintenance, RAMS
  • Railway Vehicle Dynamics and Wheel/Rail-Interactions
  • Passenger Safety and Comfort
  • Rolling Stock Condition-Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Railway Infrastructure Condition Monitoring, Ballast Degradation
  • AC and DC Traction Power Supplies
  • Energy Management and Power Quality for Railway Systems
  • Smart Railway Electrification by Smart Grids
Program Structure and Degree

RVIE is a 3-year program, awarding a M. Eng. Degree jointly issued by KMUTNB and Chulalongkorn University. You will study in Bangkok and Aachen, Germany:
1st year: coursework in Bangkok (both TGGS and Chula campuses)
2nd year: coursework in Aachen, Germany at RWTH Aachen University
3rd year: Industrial Internship and Master Thesis (either location)

The curriculum featuring 15 courses was designed to realize the interdisciplinary competence in both majors and full compatibility with the Rail-related studies at RWTH Aachen University, allowing for a Double-Degree option. RVIE was developed in the context of the German-Thai Railway Partnership (GTRP), a working group under the Thai Ministry of Transport and the German Embassy that realizes the motivation of the Joint Declaration of Intent signed in November 2016 between the Ministries of both countries to promote future collaboration and knowledge transfer in the field of Railway Applications.

Program Curriculum
Program Brochure

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