The curriculum of CPE program is designed along the same principles as the RWTH Aachen University German version, at the same time adapted to support the industrial development in Thailand. It is meant to create postgraduate engineers not only with hands-on knowledge, but also with research skills and competencies for chemical industry.

I-CPE offers 2 Study Plans

1. Plan A1: Research only. This study plan is specifically designed for those who have some industrial experience and wish to emphasize on research and development. The students taking this plan will conduct research entirely for four semesters. Although coursework is not compulsory, they may be requested to sit-in some courses that will
assist in their research work.
2. Plan A2: Coursework, Internship and Thesis. This intensive study plan is suitable for those who wish to master advanced knowledge as well as engineering skills and work competencies. The students will take ten advanced courses in the first year to strengthen their fundamental knowledge. In the second year, the students will learn how to apply their knowledge in a project-based internship and industrial research project.

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