The MAE curriculum consists of two branches- MESD and ASAE. The courses have been designed to broaden the students’ exposure to recent developments in research and industrial applications.

The MESD program serves an industrial need for advanced modelling & simulation skills and the overall methodology to support an efficient and elective product development & design process. MESD graduates can simulate complex multibody & multiphysics problems with maximum accuracy and minimum computing time. Physical experiments & measurements to validate and complement simulations are acquired in MESD’s labs and with industry or research institution partners during internship and thesis stages.

The ASAE program serves the automotive industry and the vehicle safety community. It focuses on the fundamentals of vehicle systems and modules, design for crashworthiness, active and passive safety technologies. The program collaborates closely with the following institutions: IKA RWTH Aachen, VSI TU Graz, IFSTTAR France, Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research, ASEAN NCAP, Korea Automobile Testing Research Institute (KATRI), Thailand Automotive Institute as well as car manufacturers such as Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Mine mobility.

MAE Doctoral Study Plan