Dear TGGS Doctoral and Master Students,

Please be informed of the General Protocol for Contacting TGGS Academic Affairs as follows:

  1. The official communication channels to the academic affairs are e-mail ( and office telephone numbers (02-555-2000 Ext. 2931) only. The academic affairs reserves rights to respond only to the students’ communication through the official channels and the communication is expected to be professional. Other communications, e.g. mobile phone or instant message application (Personal Line), are considered as private. Please kindly respect the privacy rights by using only the official communication channels.
  2. Request for Information and Report Problems
    2.1 If you have any inquiries, please check the information via the email we have sent to you or check the TGGS website at first for Announcement, Calendars, Registration, TGGS Guidelines, TGGS Student Handbook, Study Flow Plans, and TGGS Rules, Policies and Regulation. If you check it and you do not really understand or the information that you would like to know does not mention in these resources, then you can contact Academic Affairs at our office during the student service time only (see below) or send an email to us at
    Due to the enormous number of enquiries via email, the TGGS Academic Affairs reserves the right to process your questions via email according to priority and urgency. In order to spare your time and to give other important and urgent enquiries a chance to be processed timely, please be considerate and consult the information sources above before sending us your enquiries. Please accept our apology if your e-mail may take longer to be replied to. We would appreciate it if you can consult the available information thoroughly and contact us only when necessary, extremely important and urgent.
    Again, TGGS Working Hours: 08.00-11.30 and 13.00-16.00
    TGGS Student Service Time: Tuesday and Thursday: 08.30 – 16.30 hrs.
    2.2 Thai national holidays are available at TGGS Academic Affairs Google Calendar and we have provided other common information or issues in our website at or you can search on the internet.
  3. Mailing Address
    The TGGS address or the University address are not allowed for the students to use as mailing addresses. Students’ personal mails or packages sent to TGGS will not be received by TGGS, so they will be left outside the office and disposed after a month without notification. TGGS takes no responsibility for any loss of mail or package.
  4. DAAD Scholarship Students
    For DAAD scholarship students, please kindly wait until the informed approximated payment date is due before taking any follow-up. The premature follow-up or enquiry unnecessarily causes an additional burden to the academic affairs for replying enquiries. Please help us to spare the workload for responding to other important and urgent issues.
    Please note that TGGS has created the environments to develop the students not only for academics but also for soft skills needed in the future career. Self-discipline and self-dependence are the key characteristics of TGGS graduates. The collaboration between the TGGS Academic Affairs and the students is one of the intended practices, from which the students can learn many soft skills. Please kindly pay attention to follow the Academic Affairs Regulations and Guidelines.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation.

TGGS Academic Affairs