High-Performance Computing

Monday November 7th, 2022
from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Aachen Conference Room, 3rd floor, TGGS Building

Abstract: Foundation for Scientific Advancement High Performance Computing (HPC) has been the key pillar for accelerating the scientific advancement. The technology helps to aggregate the computing power and empower the researchers to perform the simulation. This helps to advance the mankind life in many aspects, from your daily routine activities into your health beings. The lecture will provide fundamental knowledge on High Performance Computing from both technology and business aspects. We will also give some use cases for the appreciation of HPC impact to different segments such as banking, energy and etc. We will also provide some trends in the HPC especially on area like AI/ML and Quantum Computing.

Speaker: Jason Tan & James Chen, AWS

Jason Tan is currently the business development for APAC High-Performance Computing in AWS. He is responsible to work with HPC communities to drive the adoption of HPC using cloud technologies.
Prior to his current role, Jason was with SAS managing the customer advisory activities across ASEAN. In that capacity, Jason manages a team of regional subject matter experts and innovation data scientists. He was responsible to drive long term initiative in the area of growth which includes cloud, innovation and public sector.
Over the 20+ years in IT industry, Jason had worked in various executive functions in HPE, SAP and SAS. His experience had span across product management, account management, innovation management and strategic engagement across Asia Pacific. He is recognized as thought leaders in new initiative from cloud, high performance computing to artificial intelligence. He had been working with C-level executive in developing cloud, high performance computing and AI strategies.

Dr. Jen-Chang “James” Chen, Senior HPC Solutions Architect, AWS

James has been working as a High-Performance Computing (HPC) specialist for more than 15 years with experience in both Academia and the IT industry. He obtained his PhD degree in computational materials science in 2007 and worked for National Super-Computing Centre (NSCC) Singapore as a senior research fellow in year 2017-2020. He specializes in system architecture and performance benchmarking. He is now working for HPC customers in ASEAN market.