Dear All TGGS Students,

TGGS Academic Affairs Office is NOT closed, however, for the prevention measure our work operation will be available on-line via email (official documents) and TGGS Student Group Line (urgent matter) between 09.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00 from Monday to Friday.

  1. Documents to be submitted to Academic Affairs must be signed using scanned signature or E-signature and sent via email only at, except documents requiring the consents from lecturer(s).
  2. All TGGS Request Forms ( that require the consent from the advisor, the student must send to the advisor directly. The advisor will send the document to the next person herself/himself.
  3. All TGGS Request Forms for Proposal, Progress and Defense Examinations that requiring the consent from the advisor and the program coordinator (ผู้ประสานงานหลักสูตร)/the program responsible chairman (ประธานหลักสูตร), the student must send to that person directly. Then, he/she will send the document to the next person.
  4. Other inquiry, please contact TGGS Academic Affairs at or Program Secretary Program Secretary:
    K. Pattama at (ESSE including EPE, CSE, SSE and SGE and RVIE) K. Arpawan at (MEPE including ASAE, MESD, MPE and CPE)
  5. Reporting COVID-19 situation, please contact K. Tanaporn at directly.
  6. Second semester will start on January 4, 2020 if the situation is under control. All courses will be 100% online
    according to the KMUTNB Announcement.
    Thank you very much for your cooperation and your support during this time.

TGGS Academic Affairs