ECE Seminar:
Working at Big Tech and Startup 


  1. Natthawut Kulnirundorn, Engineer, Top Tech Company based in Mountainview, CA
  2. Yootthana Mahitdhiharn, Engineer, Startup Company based in Seattle, WA
  3. Thiraphat Charoensripongsa, Engineer, Startup Company based in Seattle, WA

Moderator: Asst. Prof. Rachata Ausavarungnirun, TGGS, KMUTNB 

Date: November 15th 9AM – 11.30AM

Registration: Click Here

Join us for a panel discussion with our guest from top tech companies in the world. We will discuss and explore various topics from the working environment of engineers from top tech company and startups in the US, career path for engineers, career development, different roles in a big company vs. startups, building your resume, transition from working in Thailand to working in the United States, cultural differences.

We will kicks of the session in English. Translation is provided in the case where audience ask questions in Thai.