TGGS STI Awards Contest 2019

Project Entry
Any project or work submitted must be a work of a student/students in the fields of science, technology and engineering.
A project or a work that has been previously submitted to any other contest or has been published in the forms of research article, poster etc., or has been submitted to and accepted by an academic conference, is allowed, but the applicant must clearly state this in the application.

Eligibility requirements
Applicants must be final year undergraduate students or final year master’s students at universities on the day of submission, or have graduated no longer than 12 months on the day of submission. Applicants who are undergraduate students may participate as a team of up to 3. Applicants who are master’s students may only participate individually.

Application period
Online registration is available on
4th February 2019-3rd March 2019

How to apply
You can apply by filling in the application form online and submitting it together with the details of your entry in either one of the following formats
(i) a short abstract
(ii) a video clip of up to 5 minutes in length
(iii) any other format that must not exceed the limit of 8 A4-size pages

Format of contest
Contestants can present their projects either at TGGS or online via Facebook Live.
Each team will have 15 minutes (including a Q&A session) to present their project to the judging panel and the audience in English
(i) using presentation slides or
(ii) by demonstrating their prototype
*All presented documents are required to be in English.

The judging panel consists of internal academics, external experts from academia and industry, who will evaluate, give comments and award a score to each of the presentations.
Visitors to the exhibition and online viewers can also vote on the contest’s Facebook page. The online vote will account for 20 percent of the final result.

Qualified teams will receive certificates, win cash prizes worth 20,000 bath, and will be entitled to a range of scholarship offers, both domestic and international, such as the TGGS Character and the TGGS-KUTNB scholarship. Moreover, there are scholarships for internships in China, scholarships for research assistants, and scholarships for internships with a number of leading companies and institutions such as EGAT.

More information follows on
K.Chinnawit Tel. 0-2555-2000 ext. 2915