Last updated on 1 February 2017

Description Files
TGGS Student Handbook 2017 PDF
Doctoral Study Overall Process Flow PDF
Master Study Overall Process Flow PDF
ESSE courses offered in the academic year 2018
(Aug 2018 – May 2019) with descriptions

Application Form

Description Files
TGGS Application Procedure for M.Eng. Applicants PDF
TGGS Application Procedure for D.Eng. Applicants PDF
TGGS Application Form PDF
TGGS Letter of Recommendation Form PDF

Internship Request Form

Description Files
Internship Report Template Word
Internship Weekly Report Template Word
Internship Evaluation Form PDF
TG 71–Internship Application Form PDF
TG 72–Internship Delivery Letter PDF
TG 73–Internship Report Submission Form PDF
TG 74–Request Form for Internship Exception PDF
TG 75–Appointment of Internship Committee PDF
TG 78–Request Form for Industrial Internship Access Restriction PDF

Thesis/Dissertation Request Form

Description Files
TGGS Thesis Template Word
TGGS Dissertation Template Word
TGGS Non-Disclosure Agreement Form PDF
TG 01–Application for Thesis Proposal Examination PDF
TG 02–Application for Appointment of Thesis Advisory Committee PDF
TG 03–Application for Thesis Progress Examination PDF
TG 04–Application for Thesis Defense Examination PDF
TG 05–Application for Doctoral Qualifying Examination PDF
TG 06–Application for Appointment of Doctoral Qualifying Examination Committee PDF
TG 50–Research Proposal Template Word
TG 51–Thesis Proposal Template Word
TG 52–Advisor’s Professional Qualification Form PDF
TG 53–Thesis Progress Examination Attachment Word
TG 54–Thesis Defense Examination Attachment Word
TG 55–Doctoral Qualifying Examination Committee Member’s Professional Qualification PDF
TG 56–Thesis Proposal Examination Evaluation Form PDF

General Request Form

Description Files
TGGS Template List for Student PDF
TG 41–Letter of Consent Word,
TG 48–Request Form for Master Student Project Access Restriction PDF
TG 81–Publication Submission Form PDF
TG 91–General Request Form PDF
TG 92–Request Form for International Conference Scholarship PDF
TG 93–Request Form for Student Certification and Unofficial TGGS Transcript PDF
TG 94–Request Form for Student Certification for VISA Application (Doing Industrial Internship Abroad) PDF
TG 95–Request Form for Student Certification for VISA Application (Attending Conference Abroad) PDF
TG 96–Request Form for Special Consideration for Approval of English Language Score Requirement PDF
TG 98–Request Form for Thesis Access Restriction PDF
TG 99–Request Form for Thesis Work Time Extension PDF