TGGS academic cooperation

Academic cooperation

Academic cooperation with Germany

The start of the academic cooperation between Germany and KMUTNB began in 1959 where it was started as a Thai-German Technical School. For more than 50 years this cooperation has continued and led to the establishment of the industry-oriented engineering international graduate school, namely TGGS in 1997. TGGS is an institute that adapts the German engineering educational methodology and standards based on the RWTH Aachen University model of graduate level engineering education.

For the first implementation phase (2002-2011), KMUTNB and RWTH Aachen both take part in TGGS organization supported by the TGGS project contract signed on 22 October 2004. In 2012, the second phase with a new agreement contract (2012-2015) was signed where the RWTH Aachen withdrawn from the administration part but will remain its support in academic, student exchange and research activity.

Each year, a number of TGGS students were invited to do their industrial internship and/or master thesis by RWTH Aachen University professors as well as outstanding German companies. Most of TGGS doctoral students are going to RWTH Aachen University for one year to conduct their research work and develop their thesis with the RWTH Aachen professors in related institutes and laboratories. Also, there are many professors from RWTH Aachen University who visited and gave lectures to TGGS student in Thailand regularly.