Hongik University, Seoul and TGGS Collaborative Summer Project 2017

During 16 - 29 July 2017, a small group  of students and supervising professors in the DESIGNEER program of Hongik University, Seoul, were selected to travel to TGGS, Bangkok for a period of about two weeks to contributed to a design project in the field of “Smart Mobility”.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed between Hongik University and TGGS late 2016.  This project was the first exchange of students and faculty between the two institutions within this partnership. The technical project will continue the work of a mutual design project coordinated between Dr. Alex Brezing (TGGS) and Prof. Jeongche Yoon (Hongik University) in the time of January to May 2017, where Engineering students from TGGS (MAE program) and Transportation Design students of Hongik University collaborated to conceptualize vehicle concepts for “Motorcycle Taxis in Bangkok”. The results of this work shall be presented on the Smart Mobility Symposium “Bridging the Grids” in October 2017. Joining Professors with discuss future collaborations with TGGS researchers during their stay.

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