Power System Reliability Research Laboratory

Electrical Power and Energy Engineering
Department of Electrical and Software Systems Engineering

Power System Reliability fundamentally concerns with the two distinct aspects of power system adequacy and power system security. Many changes in power industry driven by power system restructuring, new regulations and policies, as well as environmental and public concerns can have considerable impacts on reliability of power systems from both planning and operation standpoints. Therefore, reliability modeling and calculations of electric power systems have continuously evolved to accommodate technical changes in operations and configurations. Significant integration of variable renewable energy sources into power systems and advance in smart grid technologies, on one hand, bring tremendous opportunities to enhance sustainable power systems. On the other hand, they create great challenges in power system reliability analysis due to additional uncertainties and their probabilistic natures that need to be considered. Development of advanced simulation techniques and tools will be required in order to incorporate pertinent factors and enormous information into power system reliability analysis framework. Current research topics in Power System Reliability Research Laboratory at TGGS include:

  • Reliability impacts of renewable energy resource such as wind and solar power generation on power system planning and operation [1]
  • A combined adequacy and security analysis framework of electric power systems [2]
  • Enhancement of deterministic-based planning criteria using probabilistic analysis concepts [3]
  • Value-based reliability planning applications for power system optimization and decision making [4]

IEEE – Reliability Test System (IEEE-RTS, 24-bus system) for composite generation and transmission system reliability assessment.

References (selected):

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