Electrical Energy Conversion Laboratory

Electrical Power and Energy Engineering
Department of Electrical and Software Systems Engineering

Our research activity covers three crucial technologies in converting and controlling electrical power, e.g. power electronics, electrical drives and battery storage system. Base on our expertise and experience in these technologies, we are focusing on two applications, electric propulsion system for vehicles and automation system for power supply in buildings.

Power electronics is the key technology for transforming and controlling electrical power supply. They are applied to convert AC voltage to DC voltage or vice versa. Using power electronics, it is possible to convert electrical power into any form of voltage amplitude, frequency and number of phases for any loads. We develop power electronics systems for specific applications, for example, battery chargers, drive inverters, converters for BLDC motors.

Electrical drives are energy conversion components which transform electrical to mechanical power or vice versa. They are used everywhere in our daily life, e.g. compressor motors, fans, blowers, electric vehicles, electric trains, pumps, etc. Our research activities are the development of high performance drives, design of new motor concepts and drive systems for specific applications, for example, pumps and electric bicycle.

Battery storage systems are used to store energy for portable devices or buffering fluctuating power supply. Our activity focuses on the system integration of battery, not the development of battery cells. For system integration, high performance battery, e.g. Li-Ion battery requires electronic circuits for monitoring and controlling behaviors of battery for ensuring high safety and optimal performance. We develop battery management systems for specific applications, for example, electric bicycle and electric car.

Prototype of BLDC Controller for Electric Bicycles

Function Test of Developed Battery Management System

Development of BMS for Lead-Acid Battery Pack
in Electric Shuttle Bus

Monitoring Display of BMS in Electric Shuttle Bus

Development of SRM Drive for Air Pump

Prototype of Battery Charger for 36V Battery Pack

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Assoc. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Nisai Fuengwarodsakul
E-mail: nisai.f.epe@tggs-bangkok.org
Tel: +66 86 0541515