Research areas

As an industry-oriented education and research organization, we are fully engaged in the establishment of research activities with the industry as well as leading laboratories and academic institutes around the world. We are committing to research with the leading edge technology in specific research area as well as interdisciplinary research projects where experts from different research fields combine their strength to overcome the impossibility.

Following are our current areas of research listed after academic programs:

Chemical and Process Engineering

  • Biodiesel and biogas production
  • Chemical and biochemical tests
  • Computer simulation using discrete element method (DEM)

Mechanical Engineering Simulation & Design

Automotive Safety and Assessment Engineering

Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

  • Metal forming technology
  • Materials testing

Production Engineering

  • Machine tools
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Design and production management

Communications Engineering

Electrical Power and Energy Engineering

Software Systems Engineering

  • Large scale optimization
  • Machine vision
  • Autonomous systems