Power System Reliability Analysis Services

Electrical Power and Energy Engineering
Department of Electrical and Software Systems Engineering

Probabilistic Power System Reliability Analysis is an extremely essential approach to provide quantitative results that can be used in a decision making process to manage the potential system risk. Conducting power system reliability analysis can assist planning engineers, designers, operators and risk managers to identify weak points within the system and to appreciate the existing system conditions so that appropriate solutions can be selected to effectively enhance the system reliability to meet the regulatory and customer needs. There is a wide range of power system reliability analysis applications being conducted in practical power systems, for instance:

  • Generating capacity evaluation including conventional and non-conventional generations
  • Bulk electric system or composite generation and transmission system assessment
  • Distribution system and micro-grid evaluation
  • Substation configuration analysis
  • Reliability cost and reliability worth analysis (i.e. value-based reliability planning)
  • Development of probabilistic based planning and operating criteria

Portfolio (selected):

  1. Reliability analysis of substation reconfigurations

  2. Reliability impact of large-scale wind power generation integration associated with different transmission reinforcement alternatives

  3. Value-based reliability planning for increasing transmission transfer capacity by using reactive power compensation

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