CFD Simulation and Design Services

Mechanical Engineering (Simulation and Design)
Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can be used to simulate the fluid flow with heat and mass transfer and design the new product in industry. Below are some aspects that CFD simulation and design play key roles:

  • Conceptual analysis to support design at early stage of product development
  • Quick check of product design in progress to assist designer
  • Standard analysis of a new product from an established product line
  • Design validation – last check for production ready design
  • Evaluate product or process failures in the field
  • Accelerate re-design process after prototype failures
  • Improve manufacturing processes
  • Academic/Pure R&D

Portfolio (selected):

  1. CFD Simulation of Ventilation System inside the Paper Machine Building

    Figure 1. Relative humidity distribution inside the paper machine building.

  2. CFD Simulation of the Original Design of the Ventilation System inside the Underground Mining Factory with the Reduced Air Change Rate

    Figure 2. Smoke concentration distribution inside the underground mining factory.

  3. CFD Simulation of Ventilation System inside the Warehouse

    Figure 3. Airflow ventilation pattern inside the warehouse.

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