AE Engineering Services

Automotive Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

With our knowledge through Automotive Engineering fundamentals and International research group collaboration, AE can provide engineering services in following

  • Vehicle component evaluation & investigation under static and dynamics test and simulation
  • Vehicle Dynamic behavior measurement including brake test
  • Full-sized vehicle and motorcycle impact test
  • Design and development of vehicle parts
  • Occupant and pedestrian Injury investigation
  • Accidental Reconstruction Investigation
  • Kinematic Human body Simulation

Portfolio (selected):

  1. Accidental reconstruction for court evident by using HVE-CSI

  2. Vehicle fuel consumption test for small and medium size-engine

  3. Consultant of services for ASEAN NCAP at PC3 Malaysia

  4. Simulation and experimental tests of Bus structure under ECE-R66

Contact us:

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saiprasit Koetniyom
Tel: +66 2555 2000 ext. 2913