MoU Signing between Conpros GmbH and TGGS

On June 26th 2017, The MoU signing ceremony between Conpros GmbH and TGGS took place at the German-Thai Chamber of Commerce (GTCC). Participants from TGGS are Asst. Prof. Monpilai Narasingha, TGGS Dean, Asst. Prof. Dr. Chaiyod Pirak, Assistant Dean for Industrial Cooperation and Asst. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Suramate Chalermwisutkul, Advisory to TGGS Dean for International Relations and Industrial Relations. Participants from Conpros GmbH are Dr.-Ing. Andreas Hörmann, Managing Director, Conpros GmbH and Mr. Krisna Thiengtham, Partner ASEAN Business, Conpros GmbH.

Witness to the MoU signing were Dr. Christine FalkenßGrosser, Counseller (Economic and Commercial), Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and Mr. Marius Mehner, Deputy Executive Director, German-Thai Chamber of Commerce.

Established in 2001, Conpros is an advisory and technology services company providing consulting and project management services for the aviation industry, transportation in general, logistic companies and public administration. The world-wide project business is based on a network of experienced business consultants, engineers and subject matter experts in combination with partnerships with leading consulting firms, system suppliers and universities.

TGGS and Conpros share a joint desire to cooperate to educate, train and prepare TGGS students to work as professional engineers in the engineering and research and development system design and project management skills in various technical subject matters, and prepare them, with confidence, to enter into a competitive professional workforce in Thailand and international markets.

Areas of Cooperation:
- To perform research and development (R&D) and product design in different research disciplinary
- To perform training in advanced technology for engineers in industry
- To achieve improved competence in technology
- To provide qualified students with opportunities to have an internship at Conpros regularly
- To exchange knowledge and skills between TGGS and Conpros
- To identify opportunities for grants to fund relevant research activities between Conpros and TGGS
- To provide the opportunity for academic upgrading and training for Conpros personnel