Design Culture Lab 4: DIGITAL SCULPTING (styling/surface modelling)

Lab 4: DIGITAL SCULPTING (styling/surface modelling) on September 26

The design and engineering of complex, free-form surfaces is a process that starts with intuitive sketching, sometimes involves actual sculpting with clay and finally requires experts to realize a high-quality digital model that will satisfy the design intention, the aesthetic quality and technical requirements. The biggest challenge is the aesthetics of the reflected light, and this is a geometrical problem that is described in mathematical terms. Realizing such CAD-models requires a lot of experience, and few experts are willing to share this, which is also a reason why few educational programs in engineering cover this field.

The fourth design culture lab gives an overview of the overall process of designing Class-A (styling/freeform) objects like car-bodies and consumer goods, explains the scientific principles and gives an actual introduction on techniques of digital sculpting using the industry-standard CAD-software CREO.

Participants can bring their own laptop computers to actively follow the demonstrations and examples (afternoon) if they install the software first. Student versions are available on the homepage of PTC. Please install the version CREO 3.0 (newer versions are available on the website)!