Design Culture Lab 2: INNOVATION CULTIVATED (design methodology)

Design is the activity in the value chain that poses the highest risk of failure due to technical uncertainties, lacking knowledge and wrongly assessed customer preferences. Design also is the most important prerequisite to ensure the future of any production-based business.

Economies that have realized the importance of design have invested in the development of design education and research. Most major Universities in Germany have established designated Chairs for Design Methodology in the 1970s. China and South Korea have more recently funded the development of their design-focused education.

The second design culture lab gives insights into the systematic and theory-based approaches of both design domains that serve the producing industries, “Engineering Design” and “Industrial Design”. After this overview in the morning session, two practitioners, representing both domains but one international design service provider, will report on current trends in the industries.

The event invites interested students, academics and professionals and encourages questions and an exchange of experience and opinions.