Design Culture Lab 1: GOOD VIBRATIONS (musical instrument physics)

MESD: Design Culture Lab
On August 22, 2018. At room 1104, 11th floor, TGGS Building.
Special lecture Lab 1: GOOD VIBRATIONS (musical instrument physics) by honorable speakers, Dr.-Ing. Alex Brezing lecturer and researcher in the field of Design Methodology, coordinator of the MESD, and Dr. Khemapat Tontiwattanakul is lecturer and researcher in the field of mechanical vibrations at the Faculty of Engineering at KMUTNB.

Musical sound is caused by the vibration of solid bodies and air columns. Engineering sciences provide advanced tools to explore, understand and even simulate vibrations. So, engineering knowledge can be used to understand musical sound, but musical sound can also be used to explain principles of vibration engineering.

In the first design culture lab, we explore the interface between these two worlds to enhance understanding and enjoyment of both. We will first demonstrate a substantial collection of instruments, mostly saxophones and clarinets, and explain the rules and principles of the musical language. In the second part of the lab, we will use most modern equipment to analyze musical sound and compare different instruments.

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