MEPE Department offers the research and education opportunities in the field of the following four programs:

  • Chemical and Process Engineering (CPE) The curriculum of this program is designed along the same principles as the RWTH Aachen University German version, at the same time adapted to support the industrial development in Thailand. It is meant to create Master level engineers not only with abilities in knowledge application, but also skills in research and development.
  • Mechanical Engineering Simulation and Design (MESD) MESD is based on the corresponding Master program of RWTH Aachen University and takes into account the growing use of simulation tools in Mechanical Engineering. The course combines technical theory and application, giving a sound basis for model validation for the purposes of problem solving and design solution.
  • Automotive Safety and Assessment Engineering (ASAE) AE focused on fundamentals of vehicle modules and systems, structure design and manufacturing process. Global vehicle testing standards for vehicle safety, performances and emission are introduced together with regulations for vehicle and component evaluation.
  • Materials and Production Engineering (MPE) The two-year fo Engineering in Materials and Production Engineering has been developed to meet the industrial needs through practical training in industry or manufacturing enterprises, which is one of the main educational philosophies. This program will cover into 3 major disciplines 1) Process and Manufacturing Technology, 2) Metallurgical and Material Processing Technology, 3) Design and Production Management. The overall courses are designed to encompass students with in-depth knowledge in all disciplines.


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