ESSE Department offers the research and education opportunities in the field of the following four programs:

  • Communications Engineering (CE) focuses on in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in modem communication technologies both from hardware oriented aspects (frontend technology, microwave and high speed digital circuits, embedded system for communication) and from the protocol and software oriented side (e.g. signal processing, coding).
  • Electrical Power and Energy Engineering (EPE) focus on high voltage equipment and asset management of electrical asset, power grid analytics and automation as well as electric vehicle, battery testing and renewable energy.
  • Software System Engineering (SSE) focuses on the study of modern industrial software that is usually a part of complex systems with connections to application specific environments and special hardware.
  • Smart Grids Engineering (SGE) is an interdisciplinary program that combines the knowledge of electrical power systems, communication systems and software systems altogether in order to enhance the power grids functioning in a more intelligent way. This program is a joint collaboration in utilizing research facilities and lecturers from all the three programs (CE, EPE and SSE).

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