Congratulations to iRAP, KMUTNB for winning First Place and Best in Class Mobility Awards from World Robocup Rescue 2016

Congratulations to the students from iRAP ROBOT Team from KMUTNB for winning the First Place and the Best in Class Mobility Awards in the competition "World Robocup Rescue 2016" at Leipzig which took place in Germany from June 30th, 2016 to July 4th, 2016. This year, iRAP won against other 24 rescue robot teams form 12 countries such as USA, Britain, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Iran and China.



The international RoboCup community fosters the development of intelligent robots by defining and executing competitions that are used by scientists and students from all over the world to test and demonstrate their robots in attractive, realistic scenarios. In this competition, the iRAP ROBOT team, KMUTNB won the First Place and Best in Class Mobility Award from World Robocup Rescue 2016, Leipzig, Germany by the rescue robot called "iSMILE" originated from the invention of the Faculty of Engineering, KMUTNB students. iSMILE was developed based on the previous year's rescue robot "iTANK" (it won the second stage of this competition last year). It have featured the use of a robotic arm to touch anything and moving and has the potential for further development into a capable rescue robot that will be able to assist and compensate human.

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In addition to winning the world championship of the tournament, World Robocup Rescue 2016 also awarded the Best in Class Mobility Award to iSMILE from iRAP ROBOT team due to the recognition of its excellent performance.

The members of the iRAP team include students of Faculty of Engineering, College of Industrial Technology and also The Sirindhorn International Thai-German Graduate School of Engineering (TGGS) which are
Mr. Alan Blattler from the Materials and Production Engineering program (MPE) and Mr. Porn-anan Raktrakulthum from the Software Systems Engineering program (SSE).

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Text: N. Soontornpak, Photos: