A MPE Block Lecture: "Industrial Furnaces" by Prof.Dr.-Ing. Herbert Pfeifer

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Website: https://goo.gl/cBZgqy
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Pruet Kowitwarangkul
E-mail: pruet.k@tggs.kmutnb.ac.th

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The contents of A Lecture:

  • 13th March 2017: Introduction in Industrial Furnace Technology (basic operations in IF, batch and continuous furnaces, heating devices, transport of load in the furnace)
  • 14th March 2017: Fuels and combustion (types of fuels, properties of fuels, ignition range, combustion, combustion temperature, combustion efficiency, off-gas losses), burners; Flox-Combustion and off-gas analysis (Tutorial)
  • 15th, 16th March 2017: Energy balances of furnaces (energy balances of industrial furnaces, efficiencies; cold and hot air burners, recuperative and regenerative burners; central recuperators; analysis of existing furnaces, potential for process improvement)
  • 17th March 2017: Simulation of a pusher type furnace